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Two Trips Deferred

I like to think that my ability to tackle the seemingly impossible and surely terrifying things in life has improved with age.  I also have to give some tribute to the students I spend most of my time with, as many of them are English language learners.  Watching them struggle and triumph through all the difficulties of learning a new language, has definitely given me courage to do the same.

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Lost Again.

It was 103 degrees as I crossed the border in Nuevo Laredo.  It seemed simple enough. You go through the customs lane, and look to your right for a large white building.  As I got my green light at customs, I looked to my right.  No building.  I had no choice but to drive on.

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Katie Perry Tells the Truth

So I'm driving through Texas, 35 years old, singing Katy Perry at the top of my lungs, tears streaming down my face, feeling oddly comforted by the fact that Katy Perry knows exactly how I feel.  In that moment of teen pop music, I was able to let this all go....

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