Artist Statement

I transform images of insect wings into meditative, modern photographs and photo sculptures.  The reconstructed photographs emphasize the insect’s original attributes such as pattern, color and symmetry.  The final pieces are often so abstracted that one is left to imagine another object entirely.

I begin each piece by photographing an insect that I have rehydrated and spread.  Each wing has something extraordinary, whether it be the color, the texture of the scales, or the beautiful shapes that repeat themselves and I photograph them in a way that emphasizes these attributes. 

In my two-dimensional work I begin to rotate a segment of the image in a circular pattern using Photoshop.  Often, I layer sections of the photograph and adjust the transparency to give the illusion of depth and space.  Finished photographs are mounted to cradled wooden board, then coated with epoxy resin. 

In my photo sculptures, I print multiple images of wings, then fold them into three dimensional shapes.  I repeat these shapes in a tessellating pattern, until I have a sculpture reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic image.  The final pieces are mounted on aluminum, then coated with epoxy resin. 

My work is inspired by the natural world, but I bring my love of the urban environment to each piece with strong contrast, geometric forms, and metallic resin coating.