La Merletto: Day One
La Merletto: Day One

La Merletto: Day One

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Sunday March 15, 2020

One week ago I was loading up a van headed for an Art Fair in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Today, I'm holed up at home, trying not to obsessively check the news or social media, wondering how we'll be able to make it through this crisis. 

This is day one, in a series of work made each day of the COVID Pandemic of 2020.  I'm hoping that by focusing on my art, I might maintain a little sanity during these trying times! 

Each piece in this series is available for Instant Digital Download, for just a few bucks.  We're all in a scary financial state right now, including myself.  I want this work to be affordable to everyone during this time. Digital Download FAQs

If you prefer a physical print, you can find them HERE.

I hope that everyone is well in mind and body.