My Story...

Ten years ago, I had a show coming up at a local gallery.  I had no new work, no ideas for new work, and was well beyond panic mode.  I began buying things that I thought might make an interesting photograph.  I bought seed pods, microscopic slides, and finally I bought a box of dehydrated insect specimens.

Once I opened that box of insects, I knew the search was over- I had found a subject that I could work with.  I began photographing them- blown away by the detail I was able to capture and the vibrant colors that existing in these little creatures. 

I began manipulating them using Photoshop, and soon enough I was creating images that I was happy with.  Keep in mind that this was in 2011, I was new to digital photography and had to have been running an archaic version of Photoshop on a computer that had less memory than my current phone!  The work was slow and deliberate.  The resulting series was called "Flight" and was exhibited at CORE New Art Space in June of 2011. 

I have continued to evolve this series in the last ten years, consistently adding to the collection.  Similar in nature, you can see the series "The Covid Collection" here.  I created this body of work as we went in to lock down earlier in March of 2020, creating one piece a day for four weeks. Focusing on this work during such a chaotic time in our lives, gave me purpose.  Creating work with such precise symmetry and repetition is meditative in nature, and I find the work not only calming to create, but calming to gaze upon in times of chaos.

My work photographing insects and manipulation of the imagery continues to evolve.  In 2018 I began creating three dimensional photo sculptures using my photographs of insect wings.  Still keeping the radial symmetry from earlier work, I fold each individual photograph into a singular geometric shape.  These shapes are repeated, mounted to aluminum and coated in resin.  The resulting work is stunning- a large statement piece perfect for an entryway, fireplace or over the bed.

These days, I'm focusing my work on a new series called "MetaMorph".  In this series I combine various elements of singular pieces and overlap them to create a "digital collage."  These pieces are extremely playful a bold in color and design.  Best of all they can be printed on a larger scale- giving collectors a wide variety of choices to fit their needs.

Please feel free to meander around my site.  If you have any questions about available work, or commissions, please reach out at the "Connect" page above.  If you'd like to stay in touch, please feel free to sign up for my mailing list- I only send out updates about once a month.