Monthly Art Memberships

Do you need something to look forward to each month?  Maybe quarantine has you sick of all the artwork in your house?  Or maybe you just want to support an artist, during a strange time.

Through June of 2021, I'll be offering a monthly "membership" program, delivering artwork straight to your mailbox, before it's available to anyone else.  I've teamed up with Patreon to make this a seamless process- just choose your membership tier, and kick back and wait for the mail to come! 

Access the membership details HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I get to choose what art work I receive? 

No.  You can always order prints of your choice through the website. Artwork that is  mailed as part of the membership program is made specifically for the membership program!  This means that you will have it before anyone else has access to it! 

2.  Do I have to commit to the entire twelve months?

No!  You can cancel at anytime.