Digital Downloads FAQs

So you're thinking about buying a digital download, but not sure what that means or even what to do with them.... I'm here to help.

How it works:  Once you have finished checkout, the website automatically sends you the image file.  Like instantly.  You don't have to wait for me.  It's pretty cool.

How big is the file?  They are all a little different, but roughly 7-10MB.  They are 300 dpi, and intended to be printed as 12x12s. 

Is there a logo on the downloaded image? Nope! 

What can I do with this download? So. Many. Things. Turn it into your screensaver.  Print it at home.  Print it on greeting cards. Print it on a mug.  Buy twelve and turn it into a calendar. If your local print shop is open, have them print it for you- they'd love the business!   

*If you buy the download now, and decide you want me to print it or resin it later, I'll apply the $5 towards the final cost of said print or resin.*

Still have questions?  I'd love to help!